OUR SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS WORK fundraiser companies for schools

Whichever of our fundraising ideas you choose, our school fundraisers are easy to set up, you are provided full support from start to finish and we encourage you to follow a few simple tips, which we have listed below…


First things first, choose one of our fundraising ideas and, most importantly, a date that works for all fundraisers involved! Once you’ve picked the perfect date, you’ll need to register your educational institute or primary school for a School Fun Run. Registration must be completed at least eight weeks before the official fundraiser date. fundraiser companies for schools

If you wish, you can combine a School Fun Run fundraising event with an existing school date, such as a swimming gala or Cross Country run. Alternatively, run a School Spirit Building Day that stands alone.

Despite what many think, no funding or budget is required to start a school fundraising event – it is completely self-funded. What does this mean? There are zero expenses to consider, and zero financial risks involved in a fundraiser.

In fact, it’s a winner for all involved. Once registered for one of our fundraising ideas, you’ll receive a fundraising events package, and you will be assigned a Fundraising Coach. Your coach will ensure your event is tailored to your needs and to your school to ensure the utmost engagement from your community.

You’ll receive all the materials required to ensure your fundraising event is a success, we’ll send you this assortment of support materials in what we call our ‘Ready Set Go’ pack.

These will be delivered by your assigned Fundraising Coach post-registration. Your coach will then help you to sign up for Online Fundraising, which will in turn help you to top any former fundraising records.


To kick start your fundraising efforts, you’ll need to use our prewritten support documents wisely. For best results, it’s important to customise your fundraising plan to your exact needs. This should be initiated at least four weeks in advance of your event day.

When it comes to promoting your event, there is really no need to worry! We’ll ensure you have the tools you need to engage students, teachers and parents.

To ensure this is a fun experience, your personal Fundraising Coach will walk you through each step of your fundraising journey. You’ll also be given access to our state of the art online fundraising platform, which will allow you to monitor your fundraising efforts with tools like our live funds tracker.

If you’re unsure of anything, fear not; on-demand support is at hand. You’ll also receive a ton of materials in the shape of social media templates, communication plans and more to ensure you’re able to successfully promote your event online.


Now you’ve done the hard work, it’s time to host your event! You can hold it anywhere at any time. To encourage high engagement rates, most will hold their event during school hours. Your Fundraising Coach will be able to help you with times and dates, ensuring you hold your event at the optimal time.


Every student that raises an amount over $10 will be rewarded – irrespective of whether they’re primary school students or high school students in regional, rural or city schools. Everyone raising over $10 will get a reward for their effort.

A twist? There’s no need for you to manage these incentive prizes, school students can log onto their profile page after the event and order their own prizes from the website.

The custom website will track everything for you! Once prizes have been ordered, they’ll be boxed up and sent directly to your school for the families that participated in the School Fun Run.

No matter which of our fundraising ideas you choose, following our tips is a sure-fire way for them to do well!