L1, L1A Visa for Inter-Company Transfers Immigration Attorneys Eaton & Assoc

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Infact if you’ve such a handsome salary near home itself than no country is better than India for a gentleman like you.best of luck. According to the reviews @immihelp.com this desi consultancy is not good in paying salary on time and there are many bad things. According to the blog, they are running many consultancies at the same address by same person. I have not been able to find anybody who is working in IT profile with this company in FB or Linkdin. But advantage of L1B is your wife can start working on L2.
US has to fix the green card mess and it will automatically fix the H1B/L1B issues. Change of Status to B-2 Visitor-The B-2 visitor visa category is used for temporarily visiting the United States. So, if your situation does not cover the above-mentioned options, you can apply for a B-2 visitor visa which is primarily used for personal purposes such as a vacation or a holiday.
A significant financial investment is required for the E-2 visa. Simultaneously, note that premium processing is also an option. That is to say, in exchange for a higher charge, the visa application may be completed within three weeks. In a case of an emergency, you can pay some extra amount to make things go faster. If your employer is a company with an affiliate or branch in the United States, he must provide an intracompany transfer offered in a specialized area of expertise.
Although no degree is required for an L1 visa applicant, for an HB1 visa applicant, the education requirement is much higher. It requires the candidate to have a bachelor’s degree , and the work must be a specialty occupation that requires a bachelor’s degree. Note, consular processing is sometimes referred to as F1 to H1B stamping or the H1B stamping process. If l1b vs l1a see mention of visa “stamping,” just know it’s …
Could you please help me which is better place to stay- for both quality of life and savings potential. My friends suggest even initial time can be hard on H1, it gives me ability to switch employers and suggest to go with it. I have offered 60k and 10k as performance bonus upon completion of 1 year. Anyone please let me know how much I can save with this ?