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We have found that many of our customers ask about the differences between a motorized ball valve vs. a solenoid valve or choosing one over the other. Spirax Sarco’s control valve positioners guarantee fast and accurate control by eliminating hysterisis and differential pressure affects while optimizing actuator selection. We believe in walking the journey with you and ensuring that we offer the best after-sale services and maintenance. In case you have any concerns we are here to address them and ensure that you have a quality experience with our ball valves. Setting up workspaces and factories that require the need of valves requires you to invest in the best quality. We feature the help of qualified professionals who help us ensure that all our electric actuated valves cater to your needs.
Actuation time can range from a few seconds, minutes, hours to weeks or months. It implies that the actuator needs sufficient time to cool off before coming back to operation. Frequently cycled piping operations such as flow modulation processes require the valves to open and close at an almost constant or continuous basis. To maintain the reliability of such flow conditions, the use of actuators with higher duty cycle ratings and those that require lower maintenance becomes inevitable. The general flow coefficient and the working pressure difference of the solenoid valve are small.
Control of valves and their positioning is a critical part of many process controls. We can thoroughly test your valve controls and actuators and perform needed repair to restore functionality. The control valve actuators are small units that are designed to actuate the movable parts of a valve such as plugs, balls, and vanes. The actuator receives commands from the control system to generate the desired amount of motive force. As the motive force is applied, the performance of the valve actuator terminates and the valve starts operating. If you’re not familiar with how a ball valve works, it’s pretty simple.
The intelligent electric actuator can be flexibly modified through on-site settings, and any position (0~100%) can be set as the protection value. When used as a modulating control valve they have the added ability to be accurately positioned at any point between 0° and 90°. This adds the ability to control the amount of flow in addition to whether there is flow or not.
The total operating cost of a motorized ball valve is also lower than solenoid valves because they don’t require continuous power to hold position. This feature is also beneficial to users since the ball valve is not prone to burning out like solenoids. Electric ball valves and electric butterfly valves use part-turn rotary electric actuators, whereas electric gate valves use multi-turn linear electric actuators. Valve Actuators Pneumatic valve actuators used to remotely operate valves providing automatic process control.
The third option is of course a manual actuator, which as the name suggests, is a manual geared actuator operated by turning a handwheel to open or close a valve. Both of Actuated Valve Supplies’ standard electronic valve actuators are suitable for use in either a 2 port motorized valve assembly or as an electric 3 way valve as they are both smart electric actuators. van kitz is a stainless steel screw (non-wetted) added to a compressed air-powered actuator to limit the travel of the actuator, thereby limiting the maximum flow rate of the valve. It can be added to virtually any air-powered on/off valve, including Plast-O-Matic air actuated ball valves, and premium heavy-duty shut-off valves.
The solenoid valve is driven by the electromagnetic coil, which is easily damaged by voltage impact. However, the electric valves are usually driven by motors, which are relatively resistant to voltage impact. It can control the flow of the medium in the pipeline, but the solenoid valve can’t meet this requirement. Remote Control has been manufacturing and supplying pneumatic actuators and control solutions to the world valve market since 1961.
Discover total system performance solutions to optimize delta-T through precise control. Make your building operations more efficient and bring balance to your bottom line. Read forward thinking perspectives from subject-matter experts on HVAC related topics we know you care about. Articles ranging from HVAC products, to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and more. Spring Return Electric Actuators are used in critical processes to return quarter-turn valves to their safe position even with the absence of power.